Communicating the Good News in Northern Ireland

Its a joy and a privilege to be here in Northern Ireland.  The more I come here and the more I get to know the people both here and those in St Peters, the more I love both place and people.  There are things that are very different, and also much that is similar.    I am here

img_0449 Bible Week Poster in High St Shop

for the Cookstown Bible week and it is a joy to be preaching the word of God in an almost full church each night.

And therein lies one difference. Northern Ireland is still a much more Christian place than anywhere else in the UK (perhaps apart from Lewis and Harris).  Even a midsize town like Cookstown (pop.11,000) has numerous churches – Presbyterian, Reformed Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Church of Ireland, Independent Methodist, Brethren, Pentecostal, Church of God and others.  And the impression from the Bible week…

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