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Fighting Fibromyalgia

Our bodies can only absorb 4-6 oz of water at a time. Not 8 oz at a time. Pace yourself throughout the day.

What water we do not absorb will be released immediately to the kidneys and bladder.

Our cells require water to bring toxins into those cells and more water to help release toxins out of the cells through 5 different elimination channels…Skin, lungs, kidneys, bowels, and the lymphatic system.

Without hydration these elimination paths will not work properly and eventually negative side effects will be experienced.

Drink your water… Throughout the entire day!

-Wendy Larson

If I didn’t drink water much throughout the day I will chug it. Bad idea! You must think of your bladder like a sponge. If it’s bone dry the water will just bounce off. The more you drink the more it will absorb, slowly!

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