Observations through the doorway – the what

Just me being curious


Hindsight is a wonderful thing they tell me. Hindsight is the looking back at where I once was. Hindsight is the passing through and looking back at how I journeyed. Hindsight can be terribly arrogant to those yet to pass through (whatever it is we are discussing).

This doorwayis the doorway I found myself too scared to pass through a few years ago. This doorway – with hindsight – is a doorway only of teaching and tradition. A tradition that teaches “heaven” is out there somewhere. A tradition that ingrained that unconditional love is the remit only of God and not of me. A tradition that teaches when we commit to the Lord it comes with a contract of tradition and doctrine as long as my arm. A tradition of teaching that creates this doorway that never was, never is, and never can be (without my belief that it

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