We Cannot Fake Or Force Being The “Pleasing Aroma” of Christ

Samaritan's Song

I experienced a lot during my trip to Rome.  But here is something I didn’t expect to experience: horrific air quality.

This is, I suspect, because Romans like to smoke.  A lot.  Everywhere.

This isn’t unusual for Europe, which has quite a different smoking culture than what I’m used to here in the States. Still, traveling to the Czech Republic and Ireland hadn’t prepared me for the lung-scraping air of the Eternal City. Perhaps it was the combination of the smoking with loads of vehicular traffic and the typical city pollution.  Either way, every time we left our hotel I went out armed with Claritin, a whole pack of tissues, and a hacking cough.

And the thing is, it couldn’t really be helped.  Cram enough people and cars and cigarettes into a space and the natural by-product will be air that’s less-than-pristine. The scent is a natural product of the…

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