In several different ways, scripture points to fruit as the mark of a disciple’s life. For example, Jesus said:

“You will know them by their fruits.” – Matthew 7:15a NKJV

Sometimes fruit can be clearly seen (like an orchard). Other times, it can be confusing, like a common ornamental “pear” tree that yields no fruit. The difference is the genetics of the tree. The decorative one will never produce fruit for human consumption, because its purpose isn’t fruit, it’s for aesthetic value. Even worse, the decorative species mentioned, is easily destroyed by wind and cut down.

On the other hand, real fruit trees aren’t usually as attractive or symmetrical in shape, but they produce fruit. Year after year, through pruning, fertilization, and hands-on care, their valuable fruit satisfies and nourishes. Even their blossoms are desirable (which is why beekeepers place hives nearby for the bees to gather nectar). What does the…

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