A Tax Collector in a Tree

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Luke 19:1-10

As Jesus and the crowds were passing through Jericho, a chief tax collector named Zaccaeus wanted to lay eyes on Jesus, but being a short man, he couldn’t see above the crowd, so thinking quickly, he ran ahead of the procession and climbed a tree so that he could have a good view. When Jesus came to the tree, He commanded Zaccaeus to come down from the tree, for He was heading to his house.

To the amazement of everyone, Zaccaeus came down and greeted Jesus happily, but the crowd muttered about Jesus consorting with “sinners”.  Once at his house, Zaccaeus made an amazing declaration: He, a very wealthy man, would give half his fortune to the poor, and anyone he had cheated, and he was in the business of cheating people, he would repay fourfold.

Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house…

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