Thinking about Gender and Mission on International Women’s Day

Centre for the Study of Bible & Mission

Today is International Women’s Day, and I have Gender and Mission on my mind.

CASCADE_Template Peppiatt, Lucy (2015) Women and Worship at Corinth: Paul’s Rhetorical Arguments in 1 Corinthians, Eugene: Wipf and Stock

I’m preparing for Redcliffe’s new MA module on Gender and Mission and gathering resources to get students thinking about the many and complex issues involved. One excellent example is Lucy Peppiatt’s “Women and Worship at Corinth: Paul’s Rhetorical Arguments in 1 Corinthians“. It is a bold and brilliant take on some of the controversial passages in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.

Peppiatt recognises that the issues in these passages touch deep nerves within us, and impact on not only our theology, but our church dynamics, and pastoral concerns as well. The issues can’t be approached in a detached manner, because “too much depends on the outcome” (p1). So true.

She shows how interpreters have variously…

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