Brief Evangelical Timeline

Theology Still Matters

This post is not meant to be a comprehensive timeline of evangelicalism, but is meant to give a snapshot of the movement.

evangelical timeline

  1. Martin Luther on October 31, 1517 post the 95 these on the door of the church of Wittenburg which sparked the Protestant Reformation.
  2. John Calvin published the Institutes of the Christian Religion in 1536 in Geneva, and is viewed as the Theological grandfather of the Great Awakening.
  3. Jacobus Arminius published the Remonstrantiæ in 1610 in Holland which disputed some tenants of reformed theology.  His views are held by many within the founders of evangelicalism, including John Wesley.
  4. John Williams started the first baptist church in America, but came to America on February 5, 1631.  He declined a pastorship with his first church because they were still attached to the Church of England.
  5. Isaac Backus is considered the father of Baptist ecclesiology.  He was a separatist and…

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