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Basil o’ Flaherty


Two Poems by Sofia Kioroglou
Where do I belong?
The future coming closer and closer
The already gone, swivelling repetitions
a dystopian reality, my mind falling from itself
into nowhere, into a black hole, into abyss

Hope, a sempiternal illusion
hot metal melting into nothingness
veritable census of the dead
where do I belong?

Existence slipping between parallel universes
a hundred shades of gray and snowflake obsidian
my desire for place always denied
between now and forever, I rappel down into oblivion
When dreams fade away
Previously published in Forgotten Meadows as part of a poetic collaboration

In the deep sediment of my mind
some long-dormant fragment of memory
has been inadvertently twitched

When dreams fade away
and night segues into day
I try to grasp it but it slips away
It lingers in the mind, unbidden
between and betwixt, drawing my attention
a thin…

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