Do You Have the Desire to Change?

Becoming Bridge Builders

landscape-mountains-nature-fog-large“Some people will change when they see the light. Others change only when they feel the heat.” Unknown.

When I hear the word change I break into a cold sweat; my heart begins to race, and my anxiety level hits code red.  Nothing inside of me has any desire to do anything differently than what I am comfortable undertaking.   Change implies that whatever I am doing now needs to go through a radical redirect.  What part of that sounds like fun?  I like consistency; I love the status quo.  The status quo is comfortable.  It is familiar.  The status quo is maybe outdated. Possibly no longer relevant, and may not even be working but to be honest, I am ok with that.  Change is scary.  Change is unpredictable.  Change is often painful.  Change requires lots of work. Why do you think I look more like Kung Fu Panda than Terry…

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