Patches of Light, Pieces of Grace

A mere 8 days until spring and the ground is covered with snow, the temperature is barely hitting double digits. No amount of wishing and wanting the next season can change the reality that heavy coats, hats and mittens are necessary today. No amount of wishing and wanting can get me to Easter either, without this time in the wilderness. I almost made it, like our mild winter with no real snowfall, my schedule so full that I was able to run from activity to meeting to deadline with little time for introspection. Did it make it better that my activities were church related?  Lurking behind busyness was my real winter, waiting as each commitment came to a natural conclusion, ending dates nearing for others. The cold air grabs my attention and my energy, reminds me that God has asked specifically for this time. Spring will come, winter’s work is not yet…

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