Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

Note: This post is a continuation of my previous post, Sex with a Female Slave. If you have not read the first post, I strongly suggest that you read that post before reading the present post.

What happened after the man had sexual intercourse with the female slave is debatable. The Hebrew says: “there will be a biqqōret.” Scholars do not agree on the meaning of the word biqqōret because it appears only here in the Old Testament.

The problem in understanding what happens to the female slave hinges on the meaning of the Hebrew word biqqōret. Since this word is unique in the Hebrew Bibe, scholars debate its true meaning. According to some scholars the word comes from the Akkadian word baqārum and it means “to make compensation for damage.”

This translation is followed by The Jewish Publication Society (TNK): “If a man has carnal…

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