Enough Light

Biblical Femininity, Discovering Clarity and Freedom in God’s Design for Women

Edited by Chrystie Cole

Grace Church Publishing,  2013 (Greenville, SC)

*This review is an abridged version of what was originally a 3-part review. If you want to read the longer review, part 1 is here.*

This book is from a complementarian perspective, yet there are some positives which set it apart. The book’s approach attempts to be inclusive to all women. “Biblical femininity” (so-called) will look a little different in the lives of individual women. Not every woman must be a stay-at-home mom. An effort is made to include single women, and not make them feel deficient. Women are encouraged to not find their identity in their role in life (typically wife or mother) but rather in Christ. I agree. While Biblical Femininity attempts to be diplomatic and avoid extremes, the remainder of this review will be critical.

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