From Nihilist to Pastor: How Dr. Greg Boyd Lost Faith in Atheism.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


A former atheist, Greg Boyd is currently the Senior Pastor of Woodland Hills Church in Minnesota, and is also a Professor of Theology at Bethel College. He has penned notable books on the topics of Satan, the problem of evil, spiritual warfare, and the demonic (1). His academic efforts in the sphere of New Testament scholarship have been recognized, while he has too been involved in the Quest for the Historical Jesus (2). Boyd has partaken in academic debates with, perhaps mostly notably, the likes of mythicist Robert Price (3) and atheist Dan Barker (4). Boyd is also a contributor to the BioLogos Foundation and has written extensively in favour of Christianity and evolution (5).

While attending the University of Minnesota Boyd says that he was an atheist who took much interest in some of the most prominent atheistic philosophers, “I was reading a lot of Friedrich Nietzsche and…

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