When Yes Means No – Daily Mail Article – March 15th 2017


Trigger warning:  This is another article about Scottish Independence and Brexit.

Comfort warning:   I suspect to many peoples relief, I don’t intend to post much more about Indy Ref 2 and Brexit (I can’t promise nothing!) but to be honest I’ve said enough and I’ve other things to get on with.  Unless there is something new and some actual debate I don’t really see any point in being involved in the endless sloganeering and soundbites.  Its already doing my head in!    I regard IndyRef2 as a supreme waste of time for the government and a complete distraction – and I very much doubt it will happen for several years, if at all.  If May is who I think she is, then she will not permit it until after Brexit and if the SNP continue their current trajectory they will lose the almost absolute power they have in the…

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