Forging Linguistic Identities: Language in the Nation, the Region, and the World


Two of our bloggers, Stanley Porter and Hughson Ong, are at a linguistics conference at Towson University in Maryland, for Friday and Saturday, 17-18 March. Stan and Hughson presented a paper at this same conference two years ago (the conference happens every two years), and were invited to propose a section for it for this year, which they have done.

This conference includes papers by linguists from universities throughout North America and abroad. Some of the topics of the sessions are Language and Performance, Multilingualism/Multiculturalism, Minority Languages and Dialects, Language and Communication, Language and Education, North Africa and the Middle East, Language Policy, Discourse Analysis and Identity Formation, and Historical Linguistics.

Stan, Hughson, and our friend Jonathan Watt are presenting three papers in a session they designed and had accepted, entitled “The Languages of First-Century Palestine.” The title is pretty descriptive of the content of the session. Hughson is starting…

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