Science and Belief

pexels-photo-235243.jpegAs a new mother, I am awestruck at the ability of my body to produce milk that can nourish my once tiny, now rapidly growing baby. For the first six months of life, this incredible substance was all the food and drink he needed. My body can change the milk’s composition depending on factors such as the time of day or even the weather to ensure he receives the best possible milk to make him sleepy at bedtime or to prevent him from becoming dehydrated on hot days. Amazing!

pexels-photoBreastmilk is also a personalised medicine for my son, containing antibodies to build up his immune system. It reduces his risk of developing illnesses such as diarrhoea and respiratory infections and is likely to reduce the risk of him becoming obese or diabetic in later life. Breastfeeding prevents deaths from infectious diseases in low-income countries, and in high-income countries it protects…

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