The Light Breaks Through

lightstock_184709_small_byrene_haneyA little boy told his mother, “I’d rather have a million friends than a million dollars.” “Why?” his mother asked. “Well, I figure if I get into trouble, they ought to be able to pitch in at least a dollar apiece to help me!” -Kent Crockett’s Sermon Illustrations

You need to learn to appreciate the wisdom of children. When people desire to undertake a major change in their lives, you need three key ingredients. So far we have covered the first two in the previous posts.

You need to have:

1) The desire to change.

Sometimes what facilitates the change event is a negative motivation. It could be a health diagnosis or a catastrophic event. But whatever it is, usually rocks your world.

2) The courage to change.

Once you are properly motivated to change, now comes the critical next step of taking that leap of faith. You can walk…

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