Reading Acts

Our main visit today was Pergamum, primarily the acropolis of the city. Unfortunately the city is quite a drive from Izmir, but we had a nice stop for bathrooms (and a nice Turkish coffee for me). Although it turns up on Seven Churches of Revelation tours, the city has a long and important history. Augustus permitted an imperial cult center to be built in 29 B.C. It was also the birthplace of the physician Galen in A.D. 129. Although we did not have time to visit it, there is a nice Asclepium at Pergamum which is visible from the acropolis.

IMG_1470  The Theater in Pergamum

After winding through narrow streets of the modern city and the up the narrow road to the top of the acropolis (1300 feet above the valley and Cayster River), we saw the platform of the temple of Zeus (the rest of the temple is now in…

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