Review: The Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth

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Grand Canyon

I am now in my third year teaching theology at a Christian high school. In that time I’ve found that, among my students, few subjects provoke as many questions as the subject of creation/evolution: How old is the earth? Where did all the fossils come from? Did animals die before the Fall? Could God have used evolution? And plenty more. I do my best to present every side fairly and accurately, so I try to stay up-to-date on the latest resources and publications. A couple weeks ago, I watched the documentary film Is Genesis History? in theaters. It defended a Young Earth Creationist (hereafter YEC) interpretation of Genesis, as well as the theory of flood geology, which holds that most of the fossils and sedimentary formations around the world are the result of Noah’s year-long global flood. The film’s production quality was quite good, and the cinematography was beautiful. However, as many other…

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