What Does Your Jesus Look Like?

Patches of Light, Pieces of Grace

I spent some time listening to a podcast (shoutout to This Good Word by Steve Wiens) in preparation for our small group study  of the book “Beginnings” and one line has gotten me thinking. Steve and his guest Erin Lane were discussing the “genderfulness” of God, a beautiful stretching thoughtful exchange that I encourage you to spend some time on. Go here to find it: http://thisgoodword.podbean.com/e/episode-18-god-with-erin-s-lane/    I could write about opening up to God having no gender, all genders, being more, but what caught me this time through was when Steve mentioned that Jesus was not recognized when he reappeared to His disciples. This is clear from gospel recordings in Luke, John and Mark. Yet I always assumed it was because Jesus had been transformed into an angelic figure or that the people seeing Him couldn’t get beyond the reality of having seen Him die to accept that he was…

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