Pray against congregation will contrary to GOD’s will saying, “Not my will and men’s will but your will be done “

Seeking-GOD:Father's Service, Son's work, Spirit's gift

My Witness, King Saul and King Jesus

Few years back, I was taken aback when I was suddenly revealed to marry a girl while praying. I could not understand what was happening because for many years before this point of time, I was actually in love with another girl whom I never dated worldly ways to keep our romance Godly.

I prayed in confusion, “GOD what’s happening! I struggled so hard for my romance with another girl and now this girl is being shown to me.”

Then after sometime I began to understand about the reality. The church knew I was in love with another girl but still pastor including some leaders were pointing me to marry the new girl who was very interested in me as if I was now ‘reserved’ for her. With much courage I showed leaders and her disinterest, “I am not willing to marry her.”…

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