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‘Proof’ is the incessant cry of the godless ere they admit ‘there is a God.’ Ha. As if the answers are not found in life itself. Anyway, this cracks me up.

Image result for say that again?

Many Einsteinians, Degrasses, Nyes, Hawkings, and such ilk, say the earth is a spinning globe at 1000 MPH and hurling through space at 67,000mph. Yikes. Kind of makes a sane man dizzy.

Mind numbing numbers and ideas with zero proof. Didja catch that? Zero proof. Sure, there are theories, calculations, speculations, formulas, suggestions of evidence, but nope, no proof. None. Zero. Nada. Nil. Nula. Zippo. Harpo. Chico. Yeah, its funny all right.

No proof whatsoever. Ever. Nothing observable, testable, or repeatable, such as the pillars of science demand. Therefore, the greater issue is never following the trail of absolute truth, but of erecting a smokescreen that leaves out God.

So the so-called science that the godless worships, feeds on…

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