After “Forging Linguistic Identities: Language in the Nation, the Region and the World”


The conference, Forging Linguistic Identities, is now over (it was March 16-18), and two of our bloggers who presented at the conference, Stanley Porter and Hughson Ong, have returned home—having been part of an absolutely great sociolinguistics conference.

This conference was one of the most enjoyable conferences I have ever had the pleasure of attending and at which I have presented a paper. There was none of the petty sniping or defending of unnecessary territory or theological condescension or unjustified arrogance or plain old rudeness and trivialness that is often found at biblical studies conferences. One of the reasons for this, I think, is the narrowness of the field of biblical studies. We have so many people over so many centuries studying the same relatively small corpus who are unwilling to try innovative ways to discover new insights. Most biblical scholars are content to be pedestrian in their approaches and…

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