Gripped, Flipped, Shaken, and Poured!

A Necessary Pain

To get the most out of a container, it must be gripped tightly, flipped upside down, sometimes shaken, and poured out. Interestingly, believers who desire nothing more than to be mightily used by God,  go through a similar process. Have you ever prayed that God would use you? Perhaps, you have questioned your purpose, focusing on the “it”, forgetting the “how.” Our trajectory from used to useless, to useful believers being used, requires positioning of ourselves for the tightest grip of our Father’s will in our lives, a series of events which pry us out of our comfort zones, fearful voyages which shake us up, thus increasing our faith, and an outpour of ourselves for a torrential rain of His purposes in us. Let’s explore.


This prospective positioning must demand passports, radical life changes, and unending resources, right? Nope, to our contentment, repositioning ourselves in the Lord starts with believing…

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