Losing our Religion – Signs of the Times Part 2 of John Macleods series in The Daily Mail.


This is part two of John Macleod’s articles in the Daily Mail on the state of the Church in Scotland today.   You can read the first one  here – Losing Our Religion – The Daily Mail on the State of the Church in Scotland

Again there is plenty for us to reflect on in the article I reproduce below.   John’s argument that the outward Christian character and institutions of our culture have been steadily eroded is well made and I think incontrovertible.   The loss of Sunday, knowledge of the Bible and the imposition of secular humanist values as if they are the only ones, are key factors in this decline.  There are other factors I would add….but there is sufficient below to give us pause for thought.  And of course we need to remember that the Lord is on the throne.  It may be that he is…

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