Messages On a Card

Patches of Light, Pieces of Grace

Wandering the clearance shelves of Target, I happened upon a little booklet called “Happy Cards.” Described as “30 fill-in the blank cards to make someone smile” I was immediately intrigued by the possibilities. I put the booklet in my cart, then decided it was silly, I could do the very same thing without the help of pre-constructed pages. Walking two aisles away, pursuing pink duct tape and cork board stick ups and bundles of twine, I still had the booklet in mind. Backtracking, I somewhat sheepishly put it in my cart and went on to complete my real shopping. No pink duct tape for me. Maybe it was a Holy Spirit nudge, letting me know I needed a bit more positivity in my dealings in the coming days. The cards turned out to be well worth the $2.98 I spent.

Plum has been struggling with some adjustments as home, a…

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