Sefaria for the Visually Impaired

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Sefaria is all about making the texts of the Jewish tradition accessible to everybody. So far we’ve been accomplishing this by making texts and translations available on our website, in our mobile apps, and as data that people can download in a variety of formats.

But could a blind or visually impaired person access these resources? Unfortunately, until recently, most of us on the Sefaria team hadn’t spent enough time thinking about this question.

Programs called “screen readers” can help the blind or visually impaired to access websites and apps by converting text to audio or a braille display. Screen readers often need help to be able to work on every website, however. Like wheelchairs, which offer mobility to people with physical disabilities, they can’t navigate every type of terrain or architecture. Wheelchairs depend on public buildings to design ramps, for example, to make the space accessible.

Websites and apps…

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