Devotional Review: The Ten Day Word Fast

Samaritan's Song

I suppose in some ways, because it doubles as a devotional, The Ten Day Word Fast functions as a book.  At the very least, I intend to review it as one here because it is one of the few small devotionals that has really had a profound spiritual impact on me – even as I have a tiny quibble with it.

Available on Youversion, The Ten Day Word Fast is…well, it’s exactly what it says it is: a commitment to fast from complaining, criticism, sarcasm, and gossip for ten days.  Each day has a small devotional, along with accompanying Bible verses, and the fast builds in scope as you go along.

I’ll get my issue with the fast out of the way first, because it was the only real struggle I had.   The fast introduces itself with the following phrase: “Are you critical of your boss or pastor?”  Throughout the…

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