23 March 1831 Death of Hebrew Scholar Giovanni De Rossi #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

23 March 1831 Death of Christian Hebraist, Giovanni Bernardo De Rossi #otdimjh


Jews, Christians and Messianic Jews owe a profound debt of gratitiude to the life and scholarship of this great student of Hebrew.

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Giovanni Bernardo De Rossi (October 25, 1742, Castelnuovo Nigra, Piedmont – March 23, 1831, Parma) was an Italian Christian Hebraist. He studied in Ivrea and Turin. In October 1769, he was appointed professor of Oriental languages at the University of Parma, where he spent the rest of his life. His inaugural lecture on the causes of the neglect of Hebrew study was published in 1769 at Turin.


De Rossi devoted himself to three chief lines of investigation – typographical, bibliographical, and text-critical. Influenced by the example of Benjamin Kennicott, he determined on the collection of the variant readings of the Old Testament, and for that purpose collected a large number of manuscripts and old editions.


In order to…

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