Book Review | Kingdom Family Devotional

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

Kingdom Family Devotional
by Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans

Dr. Tony Evans and his son, Jonathan, have partnered to bring families the Kingdom Family Devotional, a year-long study of themes about spiritual growth.  The lessons are broken up into 52 topics (one topic for each week) with five readings per week.  This format offers a lot of flexibility so that families can either read together Monday through Friday or have two nights off each week on evenings when the schedule is especially crazy.

Topics in the devotional include Love, Faith, Self-Control, Family, Church, Worship, Money, Maturity, Fear, and Perseverance.  The lessons include a Bible verse to read, a fairly brief devotional thought, and sometimes some discussion points or object lessons/activities  that can be done with easily accessible items from around the house.  This is really important to  me as a busy mom with four kids.  I don’t want to…

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