Racial Healing: Where Do We Go From Here?

Becoming Bridge Builders


The Bible Study I wrote on healing race will result in two very different possible outcomes.  One option will be to open frank, raw, heartfelt conversations that will begin to bring about healing and restoration.  That is my prayer by the way.  If you know my heart, I did not write this study to become a spokesperson for a race, nor for fame and fortune.  I am an introvert by nature.   What is happening already from the small sample of congregations engaged in utilizing this tool with God’s people is an honest inquiry, “Ok, since you opened this issue, how will your Bible Study magically solve it?”  My gut reaction is, “My goal was never to become a race expert.  My goal was to start the conversation.  Nothing will ever improve if we cannot, or refuse to have honest and authentic interactions with those who do not look and think like us.” …

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