Symptom–Daily Prompt

Jo Ann Maxwell

praiseMultiple Sclerosis can affect any part of your body and in any way. The immune system attacks the myelin which is the coating around the nerves. So if you think of your brain and your spinal cord, which make up the central nervous system, and all that it provides nerves too, you can understand how widespread the symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be. Each one of us who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis has a different set of symptoms.

Here is a list of the symptoms that multiple sclerosis has affected in my life.

Fatigue, overwhelming fatigue throughout the day, I have to stop and rest many times throughout the day and schedule my days surrounding the fatigued I will experience. Medication helps some.

Walking difficulties, “drop foot” on right side. Ampyra has helped, but I still use a cane in new atmospheres or difficult terrain.

Numbness or tingling…

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