Indignant at Injustice

Susan Irene Fox

God is a fair judge, a God who is angered by injustice every day. (Psalm 7:11, GW)

This same verse is written in several Bible versions this way: God is a righteous judge, and a God who has indignation every day.

Why would God be indignant? Because we sin or because He sees injustice? Why was Jesus indignant? Because he saw sinners or injustice?

As I read the New Testament, Jesus gave compassion to sinners. In fact, he was vilified for walking with us, meeting with us, teaching us, forgiving us and breaking bread with us. Who vilified him? Religious leaders who wanted to apply religious law to judge and condemn those they believed were inferior to themselves.

During the three years of his missional life, Jesus stayed indignant toward the religious elite for provoking and sanctioning injustice toward the very people they were supposed to serve. Jesus continued to…

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