Stop and listen

The Lions Den

Take away your internetts. Take away your books. Take away your experiences. Take away your family. Take away your deeds. Take away your borrowed thoughts. Now then.

Find yourself deep down in the pit. The pit of excruciating truth where you must face the thunder and blistering revelation found in the crucible of your conscience.

And it’s not a bad idea to shut the mouth, stop with the excuses, and listen to that still small voice.

Now if you are able, I dare you to say in complete honesty: ‘there is no God.’  Careful now, the word is complete honesty.  And if you say you can do it, perhaps you need to spend more time in the pit, or remove more of the intertoobs influence from your mind.

Living on borrowed thoughts is such poor nutrition for the soul. When all else is stripped from a person’s being, all…

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