Maturing Faith

Susan Irene Fox

Children call each other names;

if wrong, refuse to take the blame.

They make their choices out of fear

instead of knowing Love is near.

They do not know God’s saving grace

nor understand His full embrace.

When we love God with all our mind,

we grow as Spirit does remind

us of our Father’s forgiveness,

His mercy and His tenderness.

God’s great delight is when we see

His lavish love for you and me.

As we mature in Godly love

we keep our thoughts on things above.

There is no punishment in Christ;

He told us this. To be precise,

no condemnation then or now;

adoption – His eternal vow.

While here on earth our lives we pass

in houses that are made of glass.

Thus stones of retribution thrown

will only make our Father groan

as pebbles surely tossed right back

will make our fragile houses crack.

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