Kindle Deals: Biblical Studies

These things are written

Readers who use Kindle (whether an actual Kindle device or the software for PCs, tablets and phones) can often purchase useful books at discounted prices. I will identify a selection of books for Kindle that catch my attention from time to time. I will focus on those available at a discount in the UK. Readers in other parts of the world may find different offers are available. Readers should note that deals often last for only a short time before the price increases again. The Gospel eBooks and Cross-points sites (among others) are helpful resources for deals as they arise. Here are some books (as of 27 March 2017) that may be of use to those interested in biblical studies:

I Still Believe: This is a collection of short essays by noted biblical scholars (including, for example, Bauckham, Fee, and Dunn) reflecting on the relationship between their scholarship and their personal faith…

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