Ten Year Anniversary

Susan Irene Fox

This month marks ten years since I chose to follow Christ. Ten years since I walked into the embrace of my Father’s arms. Ten years since I have learned to listen to the Spirit abiding inside me. And almost 15 years since I was diagnosed with bipolar II (2).

Faith is my invisible source of strength, integrity, guidance, love, forgiveness and grace. It is the reason I rise in the morning. It is how I have the ability to stay on – or promptly return to – the narrow path. It is the abundance I use to love, encourage, comfort and forgive. It is the Way in which I maintain my heart-to-heart relationship with my Father.

Because I remain teachable and open to the Spirit, my mind and heart have been transformed. I continue to be renewed and matured day by day, molded to the likeness of the character…

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Published by Vincent S Artale Jr

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