Book Review: CSB Ultrathin Reference Bible

Theology Still Matters

Late last year Holman announced that they will soon be releasing the Christian Standard Bible.  Like some of you, I groaned at the thought of another translation going into an already flooded market of English scripture translations.  The CSB is a revision of the popular Holman Christian Standard Bible that was released in 2004.

Holman described the CSB as neither a Dynamic or a formal equivalent translation, but describes it as an optimal translation.  The introduction to the CSB states, “Optimal equivalence as a translation philosophy recognizes that form cannot always be neatly separated from meaning and should not be changed unless comprehension demands it.”

The readability of the CSB is greatly improved over its HCSB counterpart.  Though the HCSB was fairly easy to read there were parts that did not flow well.  This has been corrected in the CSB.  Tradition theological vocabulary such as justification, sanctification, and the like…

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