Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!     

Whoever calls it first gets it, right? The baseball catch, the last piece of cake, the front passenger seat, the check at the restaurant, the parking place. We name it and claim it. Somehow, being first seems to grant control.

Politics is a great place to see this game. Blame the other party for something you are doing or want to do. As long as you call them on it first, you control the narrative. Then you can do whatever it is you wanted to do and all the complaining of the other only looks like sour grapes.

In these days when narcissism has become a popular word, it shouldn’t surprise us when the narcissist calls others “narcissists.” I have heard this more lately. Someone will write to me saying that an abuser has referred to the writer as a “narcissist.” Yet, when more information is…

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