Act From Love Immediately. Postpone Actions Motivated By Anything Else.

Samaritan's Song

I’ve been going back over certain passages of Scripture lately in an attempt to recontextualize Jesus as part of the Trinity; I think we have a habit of sometimes emphasizing His humanity at the cost of His godliness, and I wanted to think about Him specifically as the Word that was with God in the very beginning.  In my studying, though, I started noticing a theme:

Jesus doesn’t wait.

At least not when it comes to acting on love or faith.  He wants to feed the hungry right that second.  He engages in an immediate long-distance healing at a royal official’s request (John 4:43-54).  He saves Peter from drowning immediately (Matt. 14:31).  Jesus doesn’t dwell on, ponder about, or consider whether or not or how He should love: He just does.  As soon as He possibly can. (You can point out that He waits to resurrect Lazarus, but I’m exempting…

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