Book Review: “The Faithful Artist” by Cameron J. Anderson

J.W. Wartick - Reconstructing Faith

fa-andersonThe Faithful Artist by Cameron J. Anderson reflects on the alleged tension between Christianity and the arts. Anderson first outlines the reasons for this perceived (and sometimes real) tension, then explores ways Christians can engage with and perform the arts in meaningful–and faithful–ways.

Anderson argues that much of the alleged tension between the arts and Christianity is, in fact, perceived as part of a false choice between sticking to depicting their faith in their art and being popular. There are other false dichotomies explored, including the sacred/secular. Having explored some of these tensions, Anderson turns to a number of ways that secularism and anti-Christian thought have at points utilized or even attempted to co-opt the arts. Along the way, he also shows how Christians have at times in history (and to this day) helped perpetuate the art vs. religion myth by casting our or even destroying the arts. Ultimately…

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