Seeking-GOD:Father's Service, Son's work, Spirit's gift

My senior church members said, “Men listen to the rich preacher having cars and wealth. Men don’t listen to poor preachers.” It was sad thing to hear.

Preacher doesn’t necessarily have to be wealthy

Look at 12 Apostles who gave up worldly riches and status for the sake of Kingdom. Pay careful attention to Moses – a prince who gave up luxury, power and wealth to suffer for Kingdom’s cause. Preaching is all about GOD and not men. “Not by power nor by strength but by my Spirit” said GOD to Zachariah. GOD is willing to work only through HIS Spirit not depending on wealth and poverty of men. Evangelism and ministry are about people listening to GOD rather than preacher.

Dangers of attracting people with wealth instead of genuine truth

There is danger of listeners willing to listen to men because of influence and wealth with expectation of economic…

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