The Lucky Number that gets you to Heaven – Revelation 15

angelDavid Robertson continues his  Revelation series

(This article was published in Christian Today on 2nd April – you can read the original Here)

Do you, should you, have a lucky number? If Christians played the lottery I wonder what number we would use the most? Seven is apparently the one that is chosen by humans throughout the world more than any other – it baffles historians but it is and remains the most popular number in human history. Some think that it is because of its unique numerical properties but maybe its because its mentioned so many times in the Bible – and is considered the number of heaven. In this weeks chapter (Revelation 15) we hear about seven angels, seven plagues, and seven golden bowls.

A Stunning Picture

Again the imagery of Revelation 15 is stunning. John paints an extraordinary picture. There is a sea of glass glowing…

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