General Reformed Consensus On The Meaning Of Infant Baptism – Reformed Dogmatics (Part 1 of 3)


(*Stay tuned for part 2 as Vos cites noteworthy Reformed theologians to support the claims he makes here)

    What, in general, is the view of the Reformed concerning the meaning of infant baptism? 

On this there are two views that have both had defenders, though not both equally. We first give, in some propositions, the most common view that on good grounds can be called the historic-Calvinistic view. 

a) By the fall of our first parents the entire human race has fallen into sin and damnation. Consequently, all men are conceived and born into sin and are by nature children of wrath. 

b) Out of this corrupt human race, God wills to redeem certain persons known to Him, accept them in grace, justify them through Christ, sanctify them by His Spirit, and bring them to salvation. 

c) In the dispensing or withholding of this grace God is not…

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