The Jesus Memoirs

I am presenting at the Regional SBL/AAR conference at St. Mary’s University on Friday, May 5 from 2:30 – 3:00 pm. Here is my abstract:

A theoretical problem in some academic studies on the subject of Christology is their tendency to restrict the analysis to the Second Temple Jewish context and bracket off any influences from the wider Graeco-Roman world, while simultaneously insisting that the earliest Christologies transcended all of the known Jewish precedents about intermediary agents as well (cf. Smith 1990; Arnal 2005; Crossley 2008; Litwa 2014). Adela Collins (1994) adopts a better approach in contextualizing the nature miracles in the canonical Gospels in light of the Jewish and Graeco-Roman background. Nevertheless, there remains a significant scholarly debate about whether there is an implicit “high Christology” in the Markan pericope where Jesus walks on the water (cf. Mark 6:45-52). Should this scene be interpreted as a divine theophany (e.g…

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