Michael Goheen and Reading the Bible Missionally (Gupta)

Crux Sola

I have long admired Michael Goheen’s work and my students have raved about his book A Light to the Nations (which I used as a textbook a handful of years ago). Recently I spent part of my spring break teaching at Goheen’s institute called The Missional Training Center. It is an impressive educational context that focuses on forming pastors and Christian leaders in a mentorship setting. I shared with his students some of my reflections on bringing the theology of the Gospel of John to life in the church.

RBM.jpgSpeaking of Goheen’s work, I recently read the excellent work he edited called Reading the Bible Missionally (Eerdmans). It boasts a remarkable list of contributors including Bauckham on mission as hermeneutic, Chris Wright on reading the OT missionally, NT Wright on reading the NT missionally, Joel Green on James, and Dean Flemming on Colossians. I recall a few years ago a…

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