Eggasperating the Humanists


I was phoned at 8:55 this morning by Good Morning Scotland and asked if I would be willing to discuss the Cadbury Egg Easter story.  Sure I replied – when?  One minute! Came the answer….this is the result.

Listen to it for yourself.  I have no interest in Cadbury eggs but thought that it was an opportunity to talk about the Easter story.  My humanist opponent thought it was an opportunity to boast about humanist weddings and complain about religious reps on education committees.  They are such a bundle of joy!

He claimed that the humanists were more relevant! Listen to this short clip to judge for yourself whether he was right.  Personally I am thankful for the opportunity…amazing how the Lord opens doors…

It was good to be able to finish with Happy Easter!  I also said ‘Christ is Risen!) but was cut off before that point….still I think…

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