Jesus on Trial

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Luke 22:66-23:25

Luke’s account of the trial of Jesus, which was actually three “trials” in one, is not the easiest to follow. Sadly, he left out some details that would make the whole tale more sensible to read, details that Matthew and John recorded. Yet I think there is a certain wisdom in Luke’s approach, for if nothing else, it reveals to us that the big players in this drama were really little more than pawns on a great chessboard.

First there were the Jewish leaders, who on purely human terms were the instigators of the whole thing. Of course, we’ve already seen that they were really Satan’s pawns in an attempt to cut short the mission of Jesus, the Messiah of God. Their behavior through the whole story is nothing short of ridiculous as they went against everything they believed in to silence God’s voice in the midst of…

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