Denial–Daily Prompt

Jo Ann Maxwell

There are many kinds of denials. During the NCAA march madness, we saw a lot of denialdenials of baskets from the opposite team. Who remembers Lance Armstrong? Think of our political climate!! But, the denial I want to talk about is totally different.

I am the middle child between two boys. There is a lot of fact in birth order psychology. My older brother was the honored firstborn son. My younger brother was the baby and got all the attention. I was the “forgotten” child. My opinions were not valued or cherished.  I felt I had to be perfect to get noticed. Many middle children rebel to get attention. I went the other way. I wanted to get perfect grades and be successful in sports.  I was the peacemaker.
So as the peacemaker I don’t like conflict or to make waves. Most of the positions I’ve held did not approve of any…

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